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DNP Organization

Upper Management (ILT)

Department Head, Mette M. Rosenkilde
Deputy Department Head, Jakob B. Sørensen

Department Council

Anders Hay-schmidt
Ole Kjærulff
Martin F. Rath
Erik B. Simonsen
Jakob B. Sørensen
Jacek Mokrosinski
Suppl. Jens C. Rekling
Suppl. Birgitte H. Lange

Linda Banke
Lars Michler

Christian S. Musaeus
Peter Frederiksen Svane
Suppl. Alexander Henriksen
Suppl. Florence Tan

Department Committee

LSU with representatives from all income-generating employee groups. Meetings are conducted every other month.

LAMU with representatives from all four themes at the Department. Meetings are conducted every other month.

Employee Fora

4 employee fora, with a function with democratic ranking categories. These four are: Senior Faculty (all tenured scientists), Junior Faculty (fixed-term scientists), the Student Forum (all Bachelor, Masters, and PhD students), and the TAP Forum (all technical and administrative staff). These four fora are independent and are expected to maintain the Department's procedures, as well as consulting with the Department's management.

The 4 themes for the above-mentioned description of the Department's main research and adminitrative areas are:
* Pharmacology
* Neuropsychopharmacology
* Motor functions
* Synaptic Integration

Laboratories and sections

The department is organized in 5 sections, each with a section leader. The department's 7 Laboratories represent our main research areas.

Internal Employee Bodies

Click here to read about DNP's internal employee bodies (KUnet).