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Strategy 2012-2016

'2016 - The University Strategy 'approved by the University Board
From SUND-Info nr. 177 - 21 December 2011

The board of the University of Copenhagen has approved a new strategy, which has been named 2016 - Copenhagen University's Strategy. The strategy of 3 areas comes into force on the 1st of January 2012 and describes the framework and direction for the University towards 2016:

- KU should have better degrees
- KU to strengthen cooperation with the outside world, both internationally and nationally
- KU must strengthen internal cooperation and common identity

The Board has placed emphasis on having a participatory strategy process and 2016 is the result of a broad dialogue between management, employees and students who have contributed ideas during the initial phase with input and comments and suggestions for corrections in the later hearing.

The strategy will be translated into concrete action in the spring and will be a starting point for dialogue with the education minister about the future development contract.

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Strategy 2008-2012

Psychiatric and neurological disorders have significant human and societal costs. Within the next few years the number of these disorders are increased due to increased life expectancy. There is therefore a need to invest in basic research, clinical research and drug discovery in nerve and brain disorders. The Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology's research  includes Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology, Systems Neurobiology, Neurobiological and neuropathological processes in neurological and psychiatric diseases and eye diseases, Neuropharmacology, Pharmacogenetics, Nano-biology and Molecular Pharmacology.


The Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology's overall goal is to generate new knowledge about the nervous system's function and the effectual mechanisms of medicines, as well as to teach in these areas both at the Faculty of Health Sciences and as interdisciplinary study.

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he Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology performs cutting-edge research in Neuroscience and Pharmacology.

The Department's research is conducted in research groups and is dependant on inspiration, creativity, collegial interaction and job satisfaction. It is therefore the Department's goal to adapt itself structurally, organizationally and mentally in such a way that these prerequisites for good research are created.

As the financing of research is increasingly taking place through competitive strategic pools and program funds, the Department must be organized so that research groups who partake in these funds can use them within the Department's ramifications.

With the creation of the Department in 2006, the majority of the Faculty of Health Scientist's neuroscience and pharmacologists were assimilated within this single institution. It is a Department goal to maintain and develop the high academic level of these researchers and exploit synergies that potentially lies in this collective entity.

There is a comprehensive research education at the Department, with a large number of graduate students, doctoral students and post docs. It is a Department goal to make this education as good as possible and to enable it to recruit from this prestige, and to provide research talent to the Danish society. In addition to creating career opportunities for scientists within the Department's resources, it is also a Department goal to obtain research results that will attract and retain international researchers. To ensure medical relevance, the Department will continue to recruit doctors to conduct research.

To meet these objectives the Department will:

→ Develop an organization, where research groups are the pivotal points for the Departments management and administrative activities.

→ Establish the Departments facilities in accordance with functional and work-related needs, so that that research groups can be accommodated optimally.

→ Prioritize successful and newly created research groups with allocation of the Department's scientific and technical personnel.

→ Develop a working relationship with the Department of Neurology, Psychiatry, and Sensory Sciences, with research environments in the capital's Psychiatry divisions, and with the grant-funded neuro- research groups at Rigshospitalet and Glostrup Hospital, as well as the biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies in the metropolitan area.

→ Retain promising researchers in the Department and attract qualified researchers domestically and from abroad. 

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The Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology delivers education in Neuroscience and Pharmacology at a high level internationally.

The Department provides education in Neuroscience and Pharmacology under the Faculty of Health Sciences' degrees. Education must be quantitatively at the same level to similar degrees offered at other Danish and international universities and qualitative at the highest international level.

The Department's instruction in Neuroscience must be coordinated with the Department of Neurological, Psychiatric, and Sensory Sciences' instruction in Neurodiseases. The Department's instruction in Neuroscience and Pharmacology is included in the inter-faculty educative offerings in this area.

To meet these objectives the Department will:

→ Create an elite graduate program and broaden the Masters degree in Neuroscience.
→ Develop the quality of the courses offered and ensure that they achieve the highest international standard.

→ Strengthen collaboration between the clinical instructors at the Department of Neurology, Psychiatry, and Sensory Sciences.

→ Participate in the development of inter-faculty courses and degrees within the Neuro- area.

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Given the heavy public interest in medical areas such as brain function and diseases. It is the Department's objective to contribute information on Neuro and medical areas of research with credible and comprehensible information at the highest scientific level

To meet this objective the Department will:

→ Support the researchers' teaching activities.

Ensure that the Department has an informative, user-friendly and updated webpage.

Participate in meeting with relevant Patient Associations

Participate in lectures and open house events at the annual BRAIN meeting week.

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The Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology is an attractive and inspirational workplace.

Research is conducted specifically in research groups. Therefore the research groups must have a functioning workplace environment with proper technical facilities, both with apparatus and recreational facilities, combines with a good psychological environment, where everyone is included and where there is a creatively conducive social life.

To meet this objective the Department will:

→ Work on having the Department's facilities modernized.

→ Create opportunities for professional and personal development.

→ Establish career planning for younger and older employees.

→ Ensure that there is a high information and communication level at the Department.

→ Conduct performance reviews for all employees.

→ Support the research groups' social activities.

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