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Brain Research and Integrative Neuroscience Laboratory

The laboratory focus is on understanding normal, pathological and adaptive brain functioning, both at the molecular and systems level, thereby using a wide variety of techniques and approaches. Research at the BRAINlab covers different themes, and encompasses studies related to brain plasticity and sensory functioning, consciousness research, cortical dynamics of visual perception, brain energy turnover and the neuropathological mechanisms of eye diseases.

The laboratory consists of sixs research groups:

  • Linda Bergersen Research Group

    The group investigates the ultrastructural localization of proteins involved in brain energy production and neurotransmission.

  • Albert Gjedde Group

    The group explores the rise and fall of human consciousness as functions of brain energy metabolism and neurotransmission during development, aging, and neurodegeneration.

  • Miriam Kolko Eye research Group

    The group aim to understand the cascade reactions leading to retinal ganglion cell (RGC) death. In particular we focus on models to study the interaction between RGC and Müller cells.

  • Ron Kupers, Maurice Ptito Group

    We study cross-modal plasticity following the loss of a sensory input such as vision (blindness) or audition (deafness).  

  • Niels Vidiendal Olsen Group

    Anaestesiology, cerebral vascular function and metabolism, erythopoietin, hypoxia, high altitude and exercise physiology, and perioperative neuroprotection.

  • Per Roland Group

    Our scientific problem is to understand how the dynamics of the communications by spiking and resulting membrane conductances drives the populations of neurons in the visual areas to reconstruct the visual scene or interpret sounds and sound sequences.