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Grant Applications: Step-By-Step

Helle Kjær Strandlyst (HKS) handles grant applications. Contact her by writing to, or by visiting her in room 33.3.12.

General procedure for grant application (Refer also to the submenu points):

  1. Get your budget approved by your accountant
    • If your grant application is only for running costs, this part can be skipped. You are responsible for calculating your own running costs.
    • If your grant application includes salaries and running costs (or salaries, only), you need to send the salary budget to your accountant, and get his/her accept. Refer to Budget Tips and Guidelines for help with the budget.
    • If your grant application has overhead (for instance applications from the research councils, Grundforskningsfonden), you need to send the entire budget to your accountant for approval.
  2. Forward the project title, the budget and the budget approval to HKS on at least 72 hours before application deadline (if you cannot make that deadline, contact HKS ahead of time). Include the deadline in the title line of your email. The Head of Department will sign a letter accepting that the project can be carried out, and HKS will send it to you. You might need or want to include this letter in the application. However, in any case the signed acceptance from the Head of Department is mandatory, because it means that the university accepts formal responsibility for the project.
  3. After you submit your application to the granting body, forward the entire application as a single pdf-file to HKS on HKS is responsible for registering all applications going out from the department.
  4. After you receive information that the application was successful, you should send the decision letter and the final application to your accountant. Your accountant will set up a new project account for you, and she/he needs the application to do so. If you were not granted the entire amount that you applied for, you need to re-budget your application (i.e. to distribute the actually granted amount between the budget posts). The new budget might need confirmation from the granting body – refer to the decision letter.
  5. When you receive information from your accountant that the project account has been establish, you send a thank-you note, and a payment request to the granting body. The procedure for this is variable and depends on the granting body. Refer to the decision letter.

Refer to the submenu points for more information on grant applications!