Neural Control of Movement Laboratory – University of Copenhagen

Our Research

The research group is unique nationally and internationally by combining expertise and knowledge from neuroscience, health research and sport sciences, which is also reflected in the dual association of the group to INF/ Health Faculty and IFI/Science Faculty. The group thus utilizes inspiration and knowledge from both the neuroscientific/ health and sport science/exercise research areas to address central research questions of interest within the two fields The research group originates from research on spinal cord neural circuitries and spinal motorneurones, which still remains a major focus area, but the group has gradually extended its field of interest first to an understanding of the corticospinal control of human movement and then more broadly to an understanding of the basis of voluntary movement. Many of the present research questions thus relate to how movements are generated at a cortical level and how we consciously perceive our movements. The contribution of unconscious (reflex) contributions to voluntary (conscious) movements, however remain a fundamental interest. In addition, the group are interested in quantify human movement and understand how the body and anatomical structures are loaded in dynamic situations. Methods that involve biomechanical and computational musculoskeletal modeling are applied for these purposes.