Ole Kjærulff Group – University of Copenhagen

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We study the molecular mechanisms underlying synaptic function, but are also interested in other aspects of intercellular communication in the nervous system. We work primarily in Drosophila melanogaster (the fruit fly), a powerful genetic model system. By analyzing the phenotype of mutant flies, we strive to deduce the functions of the mutated proteins. We characterize the mutants functionally, for example using electrophysiological techniques; and structurally, primarily using confocal light microscopy.

Recent results

PICK1-Deficiency Impairs Secretory Vesicle Biogenesis and Leads to Growth Retardation and Decreased Glucose Tolerance. Birgitte Holst*, Kenneth L Madsen, Anna M Jansen, Chunyu Jin, Mattias Rickhag, Viktor K. Lund, Morten Jensen, Vikram Bhatia, Gunnar Sørensen, Andreas N. Madsen, Zhichao Xue, Siri K Møller, David Woldbye, Klaus Qvortrup, Richard Huganir, Dimitrios Stamou, Ole Kjærulff*, Ulrik Gether*. PLoS Biology 2013, 11(4): e1001542.