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Neuropharmacology > Student Opportunities

We invite highly motivated, dedicated and skilled students to contact us for an interview. We have long-term experience with supervision of bachelor and Master’s students with different backgrounds (human biology, medicine, molecular biomedicine, biology, biochemistry). Competent and committed supervision has our highest priority and projects are designed to full-fill the criteria of the individual study.   

We value scientific excellence, creativity, knowledge sharing, helpfulness and dedication in our laboratory. We offer a dynamic and international research environment involving a large network of collaborators around the world.

Bachelor and Master’s projects are available in the following areas:

Cellular regulation and molecular genetics of neurotransmitter transporters and receptors

Are you interested in molecular and cellular neurobiology? Do you want to understand how neurons control activity and availability of neurotransmitter receptors and transporters in the synapse? Are you interested in understanding how mutations in these proteins contribute to CNS-diseases such as depression, ADHD, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia and addiction? Do you want to know how you become addicted to drugs such as cocaine or amphetamine?

If one or more of these questions sound interesting to you please contact Ulrik Gether

Molecular pharmacology and structure of neurotransmitter transporters

Would you like to know how membrane proteins like neurotransmitter transporters work at the molecular level? Are you interested in using crystallography and advanced fluorescence techniques to study their transport function? Do you want to characterize how drugs act on neurotransmitter transporters? Are you interested in finding new ways to discover drugs for treatment of e.g. cocaine addiction and depression?

If one or more of these questions sound interesting to you please contact Claus Juul Løland or Ulrik Gether

Neuronal scaffolding proteins and protein trafficking

Are you interested in how neuronal scaffolding proteins regulate synaptic signaling processes? Would you like to know if scaffolding proteins could be a new target for treatment of CNS-diseases such as stroke and addiction? Would you like to understand the role of membrane-shaping protein domains (e.g. BAR domains) in neuronal scaffolding? Do you want to know how BAR domain proteins control protein trafficking not only in neurons but also in other cells such as endocrine cells?

If one or more of these questions sound interesting to you please contact Kenneth L. Madsen or Ulrik Gether