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This is a list of all employees at the department.
The list is sorted in alphabetical order in accordance to the employees' family name.

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Abdali, Salim AlbertGuest researcher Neurocancer Group  E-mail
Alkjær, TineAssociate professor Biomechanics +45 287-57216E-mail
Alvarez Herrero, SusanaPostdoc Nervelab Group +45 353-27454E-mail
Alvarez Herrero, SusanaPostdoc Nervelab Group +45 353-27454E-mail
Ambartsumian, NoonaAssociate professor Neurocancer Group +45 353-35393E-mail
Andersen, Anne Sofie NexøAttendant Vladimir Berezin, Peter Walmod, Elisabeth Bock Group  E-mail
Andersen, Jon Thor TrærupAssociate professor  +45 29 72 15 08E-mail
Andersen, Rita ChanPhD student Molecular Neuropharmacology Group +45 23 84 01 74E-mail
Arfelt, Kristine NissAssistant professor Mette Rosenkilde Group  E-mail
Assentoft, MettePostdoc  +45 20 49 60 02E-mail
Aubin, SébrinaGuest researcher Ron Kupers, Maurice Ptito Group  E-mail
Baggesen, Maibritt SigvardtBioanalyst Mette Rosenkilde Group  E-mail
Bak, Sara ThornbyGuest researcher BRAIN Lab  E-mail
Barad, MohamadStudent Biomechanics  E-mail
Barington, Line AlsøePhD student Mette Rosenkilde Group +45 28 26 66 20E-mail
Baunsgaard, Carsten BachGuest researcher Biomechanics  E-mail
Beck, Erik MallingAssistant lecturer   
Beltran Lobo, PaulaStudent Jens Rekling Group  E-mail
Berg, ChristianGuest researcher Mette Rosenkilde Group  E-mail
Berg, Rune W.Associate professor Rune Berg Group +45 26 97 73 94E-mail
Bergersen, Linda HildegardProfessor Linda Bergesen Group +45 51 33 12 78E-mail
Bering, TennaGuest researcher Circadian Group  E-mail
Berlin, Frida Lisa MariaStudent Molecular Neuropharmacology Laboratory  E-mail
Bock, Elisabeth MarianneProfessor Vladimir Berezin, Peter Walmod, Elisabeth Bock Group +45 70 14 08 20E-mail
Brett Lever, MichaelResearch assistant Molecular Neuropharmacology Group  E-mail
Brokhattingen, Nanna ViviStudent Ulrik Gether Group  E-mail
Cai, ChangsiPostdoc Martin Lauritzen Group  E-mail
Cai, ChangsiPostdoc Martin Lauritzen Group  E-mail
Carlsen, Eva Maria MeierPhD student Jean-Francois Perrier Group  E-mail
Carrara-Augustenborg, ClaudiaGuest researcher Ron Kupers, Maurice Ptito Group +45 23 34 00 29E-mail
Charalampaki, AngelikiStudent Cerebral Palsy, Spasticity & Neurorehabilitation  E-mail
Charalampaki, Angeliki   
Charalampaki, AngelikiGuest researcher Motor Control Laboratory  E-mail
Christensen, Charlotte RiisStudent Birgitte Holst Group  E-mail
Christensen, Mark SchramAssociate professor Cognitive Motor Neuroscience  E-mail
Christensen, Rasmus KordtPostdoc Jean-Francois Perrier Group  E-mail
Christensen, Rasmus KordtPostdoc Jean-Francois Perrier Group +45 353-27553E-mail
Christiansen, Anders TolstrupPhD student Neuroanatomy and Animal Behaviour Group +45 21 18 07 74E-mail
Christiansen, Mia ApuschkinPhD student Molecular Neuropharmacology Group  E-mail
Christiansen, Søren HofmanPostdoc Neuroanatomy and Animal Behaviour Group +45 51 31 07 25E-mail
Ciriachi, ChiaraStudent Molecular Neuropharmacology and Genetics Laboratory  E-mail
Czerny, Donna GrazynaLaboratory coordinator Molecular Neuropharmacology Group +45 23 84 01 74E-mail
Dahl, Rasmus HolmboeAssistant lecturer   
Dahlqvist, Matilda KristinaPhD student Martin Lauritzen Group  E-mail
Daugvilaite, ViktorijaPhD student Mette Rosenkilde Group +45 23 80 77 91E-mail
de Diego Ajenjo, AmaiaResearch assistant Neuroanatomy and Animal Behaviour Group  E-mail
De Luca, MartaPhD student Molecular Neuropharmacology Group  E-mail
Devree, Brian ThomasPostdoc Ulrik Gether Group +45 53 85 55 40E-mail
Dietz, Lene TheaGuest researcher Neural Plasticity Laboratory +45 51 92 54 06E-mail
Diget, Elisabeth HolmPhD student BRAIN Laboratory  E-mail
Dimintiyanova, Kristina PetrovaResearch assistant Mouse Spinal Motor Control Group  E-mail
Dosa, Zita JuliaGuest researcher Neurosecretion Group  E-mail
Draskau, Monica KamStudent Molecular Neuropharmacology Laboratory  E-mail
Dreyer, Jakob Kristoffer KisbyeAssistant professor Jørn Hounsgaard Group +45 60 80 95 51E-mail
Eg, Linda BankeHR officer INF adm +45 30 10 49 63E-mail
Elbrønd-Bek, HeidiTrainee David Woldbye Group  E-mail
Ernst-Rasmussen, Peter BondeGuest researcher Niels Vidiendal Olsen Group  E-mail
Falk, SarahPostdoc Jean-Francois Perrier Group  E-mail
Fares, SuzanPhD student Mette Rosenkilde Group  E-mail
Fedulov, VadimPostdoc Neuroanatomy and Animal Behaviour Group  E-mail
Finkielman, Olivia Terese EjlstrupStudent Anders Hay-Schmidt Group  E-mail
Fisher, Patrick Mac Donald   
Fitzpatrick, Ciarán MartinPhD student Molecular Neuropharmacology Group  E-mail
Frandsen, AaseGuest researcher Ron Kupers, Maurice Ptito Group +45 21 16 22 41E-mail
Frisk, Rasmus FeldPhD student Motor Control Laboratory +45 353-35347E-mail
Gasbjerg, Lærke SmidtPhD student Mette Rosenkilde Group  E-mail
Gasbjerg, Lærke SmidtPhD student Molecular Neuropharmacology Group  E-mail
Gesslein, BodilLaboratory manager Martin Lauritzen Group +45 51 18 76 27E-mail
Gesslein, BodilCentre coordinator Martin Lauritzen Group +45 51 18 76 27E-mail
Gether, UlrikProfessor Molecular Neuropharmacology Group +45 23 84 00 89E-mail
Gilliam-Vigh, HannahStudent Molecular Neuropharmacology and Genetics Laboratory  E-mail
Gjedde, AlbertProfessor Albert Gjedde Group +45 29 17 76 01E-mail
Gjørlund, Michelle DeniseGuest researcher Neural Plasticity Laboratory  E-mail
Grigorian, MariamAssociate professor Neurocancer Group +45 51 31 96 15E-mail
Grigorian, MariamAssociate professor Neurocancer Group +45 51 31 96 15E-mail
Grubb, SørenPostdoc Martin Lauritzen Group  E-mail
Grøndahl, Lillian KarinLaboratory technician spinal cord injury, exercise and neuroplasticity +45 353-27460E-mail
Guo, LiangchenStudent Jean Francois-Perrier Group  E-mail
Guzulaitis, RobertasPostdoc Jørn Hounsgaard Group  E-mail
Guzulaitis, RobertasPostdoc Jørn Hounsgaard Group  E-mail
Gøtzsche, Casper RenéGuest researcher Neuroanatomy and Animal Behaviour Group +45 40 94 72 98E-mail
Hald, Bjørn OlavPostdoc Martin Lauritzen Group  E-mail
Hansen, Freja HerborgPostdoc Molecular Neuropharmacology Group  E-mail
Hansen, Jasper PlougAttendant INF adm  E-mail
Hansen, MariaPhD student Vladimir Berezin, Peter Walmod, Elisabeth Bock Group +45 21 18 07 76E-mail
Hansen, Nikolaj WintherStudent Jean Francois-Perrier Group  E-mail
Haue, Amalie DahlTeaching assistant   E-mail
Hay-Schmidt, AndersAssociate professor Anders Hay-Schmidt Group +45 287-57260E-mail
Hedegaard-Knudsen, CaritaGuest researcher Motor Control Lab  E-mail
Helge, Asbjørn WulffHourly paid student Motor Control Laboratory  E-mail
Helsted, Mads MarstrandScholarship student Mette Rosenkilde Group  E-mail
Heltberg, Mathias LuidorVisiting student Jørn Hounsgaard Group  E-mail
Heredero Olmedilla, HugoGuest researcher Jakob Balslev Sørensen Group  E-mail
Hermann, Sonja MarisaStudent Anders Hay-Schmidt Group  E-mail
Hertz, JohnVisiting professor Per Roland Group  E-mail
Hjortø, Gertrud MaleneAssistant professor Mette Rosenkilde Group +45 29 61 19 32E-mail
Holm, Signe UlrikGuest researcher Linda Bergesen Group +45 51 90 21 49E-mail
Holst, BirgitteProfessor Birgitte Holst Group +45 21 48 76 99E-mail
Holten-Rossing, SidseGuest researcher BRAIN lab  E-mail
Hounsgaard, Jørn DybkjærProfessor Jørn Hounsgaard Group +45 21 16 22 17E-mail
Houy, Sebastien Nicolas JulienPostdoc Neurosecretion Group  E-mail
Hultborn, HansProfessor Spinal Locomotion +45 353-27461E-mail
Husted, Anna SofiePhD student Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Hyder, FahmeedAffiliate Professor  +000000E-mail
Hübschmann, Martin VelløvTeaching assistant   E-mail
Israelsen, Ida Marchen EgerodStudent Motor Control Lab  E-mail
Iversen, Henrik Lykke  +45 35 45 94 97E-mail
Jacobsen, Sylwia OwczarekGuest researcher  +45 21 18 07 67E-mail
Jahnsen, HenrikAssociate professor Henrik Jahnsen Group +45 353-27466E-mail
Jensen, Dennis BoResearch assistant Cerebral palsy, spasticity & Neurorehabilitation Group  E-mail
Jensen, Dennis BoResearch assistant Cerebral palsy, spasticity & neurorehabilitation Group  E-mail
Jensen, Kathrine LouisePhD student Molecular Neuropharmacology Group  E-mail
Jensen, Peter BechElectronics mechanic INF adm +45 353-27243E-mail
Jensen, Peter BechElectronics mechanic electronics mechanic +45 353-27243E-mail
Jensen, Rasmus Herlo BeenfeldtResearch assistant Molecular Neuropharmacology Group +45 353-35415E-mail
Johnsen, Cecilie HundahlGuest researcher Birgitte Holst Group  E-mail
Johnsen, Line KorsgaardTrainee Jens Bo Nielsen Group  E-mail
Joseph, Philomeena DaphneGuest researcher Anders Hay-Schmidt Group  E-mail
Justinussen, JessicaPhD student Gitta Wörtwein, Pia Weikop and Anders Fink-Jensen Group  E-mail
Jørgensen, Astrid SisselStudent The Molpharm Laboratory  E-mail
Jørgensen, Louise WürtzStudent Biomechanics  E-mail
Jørgensen, Michael WennervaldtStudent Ron Kupers, Maurice Ptito Group  E-mail
Jørgensen, Søren HeideStudent Molecular Neuropharmacology Group  E-mail
Kaas, Anette DenckerLaboratory technician Molecular Neuropharmacology Group +45 23 84 01 77E-mail
Karlshøj, StefanieAssistant professor Mette Rosenkilde Group +45 61 78 93 98E-mail
Khadim, NabeelaLaboratory technician Molecular Neuropharmacology Group +45 23 84 01 78E-mail
Khennouf, LilaPhD student Martin Lauritzen Group +45 353-27658E-mail
Kimer, TinaLaboratory technician Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Kjærulff, OleAssociate professor Ole Kjærulff Group +45 29 61 19 26E-mail
Klausen, Mads AsbjørnStudent Neuronal Signaling Laboratory  E-mail
Klein Herenbrink, CarmenPostdoc Molecular Neuropharmacology Group +45 26 36 44 18E-mail
Klingelhöfer, JörgGuest researcher Neurocancer Group +45 51 31 96 15E-mail
Kolko, MiriamGuest researcher Miriam Kolko Eye Research Group +45 51 33 12 78E-mail
Konrad, LisaResearch assistant Ulrik Gether Group  E-mail
Konrad, LisaGuest researcher Ulrik Gether Group  E-mail
Krarup, ChristianGuest researcher Nervelab  E-mail
Kucharz, KrzysztofPostdoc   
Kudal, Eva Rose JepsenGuest researcher Molecular Neuropharmacology and Genetics Laboratory  E-mail
Kutuzov, NikolayPhD student Martin Lauritzen Group  E-mail
Kádková, AnnaPostdoc Neuronal Signalling Laboratory  E-mail
Kønig, Andreas BayResearch assistant Ulrik Gether Group  E-mail
Kønig, Andreas BayResearch assistant Vladimir Berezin, Peter Walmod and Elisabeth Bock Group  E-mail
Lantz, Sven GöranPostdoc Neuronal Signalling Laboratory  E-mail
Larsen, Brian RolandPostdoc  +45 23 84 00 09E-mail
Larsen, Brian RolandPostdoc  +45 23 84 00 09E-mail
Larsen, Christian MirianAssistant lecturer   
Larsen, Kathrine LundøGuest researcher Neurocancer Group  E-mail
Larsen, Lisbeth HøjkjærStudent BRAIN Laboratory  E-mail
Larsen, OlavPhD student Mette Rosenkilde Group +45 23 80 77 91E-mail
Lauring, Jon OdinkarGuest researcher Ron Kupers, Maurice Ptito Group +45 23 34 00 29E-mail
Lauritzen, MartinProfessor Martin Lauritzen Group +45 51 29 81 69E-mail
Lind, Barbara LykkeAssistant professor   
Lind, Rune RasmussenGuest researcher spinal cord injury, exercise and neuroplasticity  E-mail
Lindén, Henrik AndersAssistant professor Rune Berg Group  E-mail
Lissau, Cathrine HeikampAcademic Officer Martin Lauritzen Group  E-mail
Liu, JasonStudent assistant INF adm  E-mail
Lorentzen, JakobGuest researcher Motor Control  E-mail
Loukanidine, EvgueniGuest researcher Vladimir Berezin, Peter Walmod, Elisabeth Bock Group +45 51 31 96 15E-mail
Lund, Mai ChoePhD student Neural Control of Movement Laboratory  E-mail
Lund, Mari LilithGuest researcher Thue W. Schwartz Group  E-mail
Lund, Viktor KarlovichGuest researcher Ole Kjærulff Group +45 26 14 11 72E-mail
Lundbye-Jensen, JesperAssociate professor Cerebral palsy, spasticity & Neurorehabilitation Group +45 353-27330E-mail
Lundorf, RikkeBioanalyst Circadian Group  E-mail
Lycas, Matthew DomenicMaster thesis student Ulrik Gether Group  E-mail
Lycas, Matthew DomenicGuest researcher Ulrik Gether Group  E-mail
Løland, Claus JuulAssociate professor Molecular Neuropharmacology Group +45 287-56407E-mail
Lønstrup, MicaelLaboratory technician Martin Lauritzen Group +45 353-27415E-mail
Lückmann, MichaelPhD fellow   E-mail
Lückmann, MichaelResearch assistant  +45 91 75 30 42E-mail
MacAulay, NannaAssociate professor  +45 353-27566E-mail
Madsen, Jakob StureStudent Motor Control Lab  E-mail
Madsen, Kenneth LindegaardAssociate professor Molecular Neuropharmacology Group +45 50 98 80 22E-mail
Madsen, Lene NordbyBilingual secretary INF adm +45 30 10 49 62E-mail
Madsen, Mads Alexander JustGuest researcher Motor Learning & Neuroplasticity  E-mail
Madsen, Martin PeterStudent Birgitte Holst Group  E-mail
Malarski, Krzysztof MateuszIT staff Motor Control Laboratory  E-mail
Malarski, Krzysztof MateuszIT officer  +45 353-35994E-mail
Mariga, Shelton TendaiGuest researcher Albert Gjedde Group +45 92 26 07 34E-mail
Mathiesen, Mette ChristinaPhD student Martin Lauritzen Group  E-mail
Mc Girr, Julia Catherine FormosoStudent Ulrik Gether Group  E-mail
Meehan, Claire FrancescaAssociate professor Mouse Spinal Motor Control Group +45 24 34 00 48E-mail
Meinertz, DortheLaboratory technician Anders Hay-Schmidt Group +45 29 61 21 99E-mail
Mellerup, Erling ThygeAssociate professor Gitta Wörtwein, Pia Weikop and Anders Fink-Jensen Group +45 21 64 84 08E-mail
Melynis, MotiejusGuest researcher Molecular Pharmacology Laboratory  E-mail
Mende, FranziskaGuest researcher Birgitet Holst Group  E-mail
Michler, LarsMSc Engineering Biomechanics / INF Adm +45 353-27228E-mail
Midtgaard, JensGuest researcher Motor Control Laboratory  E-mail
Moldovan, MihaiAssociate professor Nervelab Group +45 26 63 00 85E-mail
Moldovan, MihaiAssociate professor   
Montalant, AlexiaGuest researcher Neuronal Signaling Laboratory  E-mail
Mortensen, Jonas SigurdPhD student Molecular Neuropharmacology Group  E-mail
Murmu Nielsen, ReenaPostdoc Martin Lauritzen Group  E-mail
Murmu Nielsen, ReenaPostdoc Martin Lauritzen Group  E-mail
Möller, Ingvar RúnarGuest researcher Molecular Neuropharmacology Group  E-mail
Møller, MortenProfesor emeritus Circadian Group +45 24 48 02 76E-mail
Navntoft, Charlotte Amalie EmdalGuest researcher Neuronal Signaling lab  E-mail
Nielsen, Anne KathrinePhD student Molecular Neuropharmacology Group  E-mail
Nielsen, Brian SkriverPhD student Neuronal signalling laboratory +45 21 29 00 69E-mail
Nielsen, Freja LundAssistant lecturer   
Nielsen, Jens BoHead of section, professor  +45 353-27450E-mail
Nielsen, Jens BoProfessor Cerebral palsy, spasticity & Neurorehabilitation Group  E-mail
Nielsen, Louise RichsStudent Motor Control Lab  E-mail
Nielsen, Morten BjerreLaboratory technician Sensori-motor Systems Group +45 29 61 19 87E-mail
Nikitidou Ledri, LitsaPostdoc  +45 353-31110E-mail
Nikitidou Ledri, LitsaPostdoc Motor Control Laboratory +45 353-31110E-mail
Noes-Holt, GithStudent Molecular Neuropharmacology and Genetics Laboratory  E-mail
Nybo, Maja LindPhD student Thue W. Schwartz Group +45 353-34787E-mail
Oksbjerg, EmilieStudent assistant Martin Lauritzen Group  E-mail
Olesen, Emma Tina BisgaardPostdoc Nanna MacAuley group  E-mail
Olesen, Niels DamkjærPhD fellow  +45 20 26 24 59E-mail
Olsen, Niels VidiendalAssociate professor Niels Vidiendal Olsen Group +45 38 64 70 72E-mail
Ovesen, Christian AavangTeaching assistant   E-mail
Pedersen, Anders Bohl VerheinAnimal caretaker, flexible job Ole Kjærulff Group  E-mail
Pedersen, ChristinaPhD Fellow, guest Mette Rosenkilde Group  E-mail
Pedersen, Sofie EggersPhD student Molecular Neuropharmacology Group +45 23 84 01 74E-mail
Pedersen, Steen   E-mail
Perrier, Jean-Francois MarieAssociate professor Jean-Francois Perrier Group +45 353-27447E-mail
Petersen, Anne Marie NordvigLaboratory technician Neurosecretion Group +45 24 34 00 48E-mail
Petersen, Nicolas CaesarGuest researcher Astrocytes and Motor Control +45 353-27336E-mail
Petersen, Peter Christian HvidbergGuest researcher Rune Berg Group  E-mail
Pingel, JessicaAssistant professor Motor Control Laboratory +45 353-27338E-mail
Plenge, Per KrenerAssociate professor Molecular Neuropharmacology Group +45 35 45 61 02E-mail
Ptito, MauriceVisiting professor Ron Kupers, Maurice Ptito Group  E-mail
Quistgaard, Christine Louise AnderGuest researcher Vladimir Berezin, Peter Walmod, Elisabeth Bock Group  E-mail
Raffalt, Peter ChristianTeaching assistant   E-mail
Rahbek-Clemmensen, TroelsPostdoc Molecular Neuropharmacology Group +45 23 84 00 88E-mail
Rask, LenePostdoc Martin Lauritzen Group  E-mail
Rasmussen, Søren Gøgsig FaarupAssociate professor Søren Rasmussen Group +45 23 39 78 12E-mail
Rath, Martin FredensborgAssociate professor Circadian Group +45 93 56 53 94E-mail
Rekling, Jens ChristianAssociate professor Jens Rekling Group +45 31 52 65 40E-mail
Reveles Jensen, KristianLaboratory assistant Rune Berg Group  E-mail
Rinaldi Barkat, TaniaAssistant professor Per Roland Group +45 51 90 29 81E-mail
Ritterband-Rosenbaum, AninaGuest researcher Cerebral palsy, spasticity & Neurorehabilitation Group  E-mail
Rohde, KristianPostdoc Circadian Group +45 38 64 70 12E-mail
Roland, Per EbbeProfessor  +45 21 16 22 31E-mail
Rosenbæk, Lena LindtoftPostdoc  +45 353-33169E-mail
Rosenkilde, Mette MarieHead of department, interim Mette Rosenkilde Group +45 353-27608E-mail
Rosenquist, LoneLaboratory technician Molecular Neuropharmacology Group +45 23 84 00 80E-mail
Ruiter, MarvinGuest researcher Jakob Balslev Sørensen Group  E-mail
Saidy, AjaStudent Motor Control Laboratory  E-mail
Sakellariou, DespoinaPhD student Albert Gjedde Group  E-mail
Schmidt, Jan HendrikStudent Molecular Neuropharmacology and Genetics Laboratory  E-mail
Schmidt, Solveig GaardeResearch assistant Molecular Neuropharmacology and Genetics Laboratory  E-mail
Schwartz, Thue W.Professor Thue W. Schwartz Group +45 22 62 22 25E-mail
Seyedi Vafaee, ManouchehrGuest researcher Albert Gjedde Group +45 24 94 26 49E-mail
Silvestre Martins, Joana AndreiaStudent Neuronal Signaling Laboratory  E-mail
Simons, MetteLaboratory coordinator Thue W. Schwartz Group +45 287-57346E-mail
Simonsen, Erik BruunAssociate professor Biomechanics +45 287-57230E-mail
Skibshøj, Inge MargretheLaboratory technician Neurocancer Group  E-mail
Skov, KirsaPhD student Mette Rosenkilde Group  E-mail
Solem, Espen Victor JimenezAssociate professor   E-mail
Song, HeGuest researcher Molecular Neuropharmacology and Genetics Laboratory  E-mail
Soud, Katia Student  E-mail
Sparre-Ulrich, Alexander HovardPostdoc Mette Rosenkilde Group  E-mail
Spedden, Meaghan ElizabethStudent Motor Control Lab  E-mail
Speth, Nikolaj RaahaugeStudent The Molpharm Laboratory  E-mail
Spiess, KatjaPostdoc Mette Rosenkilde Group +45 29 61 19 32E-mail
Stauning, Marius TvingTeaching assistant   E-mail
Steffensen, Annette BuurPostdoc Neuronal Signalling Laboratory +45 353-27580E-mail
Steffensen, Annette BuurPostdoc Neuronal Signalling Laboratory +45 353-27580E-mail
Steinmann Madsen, SagaGuest researcher Albert Gjedde Group +45 30 13 75 69E-mail
Stenbæk, Dea Siggaard   
Stensvig, Martin ThorhaugeStudent Motor Control Laboratory  E-mail
Stoica, AncaPhD student Neuronal Signalling Laboratory  E-mail
Strandlyst, Helle KjærDepartment administrator INF adm +45 93 56 55 84E-mail
Stripp, Emma Lindegaard SegerlundStudent Molecular Neuropharmacology Group  E-mail
Støier, Jonatan FullertonResearch assistant Ulrik Gether Group  E-mail
Sustarsic, Riia KaroliinaPostdoc Mette Rosenkilde Group  E-mail
Svane-Petersen, DavidStudent Molecular Neuropharmacology and Genetics Laboratory  E-mail
Sørensen, Andreas ToftPostdoc Molecular Neuropharmacology Group  E-mail
Sørensen, ChristinaPostdoc Per Roland Group  E-mail
Sørensen, Jakob BalslevProfessor Neurosecretion Group +45 353-27931E-mail
Tawfik, BassamPhD student Neurosecretion Group  E-mail
Thomsen, Annika Højrup RunegaardPhD student Molecular Neuropharmacology Group  E-mail
Thomsen, Kirsten JoanGuest researcher Martin Lauritzen Group +45 51 18 80 67E-mail
Thuesen, Tenna Nathalie RosenkrandsAttendant Molecular Neuropharmacology Group  E-mail
Tinning, Fie BrantbjergTeaching assistant   E-mail
Toft-Bertelsen, Trine LisbergPostdoc  +45 353-35248E-mail
Tolstoy, SashaStudent Molecular Neuropharmacology Group  E-mail
Urdanibia Centelles, OlallaPhD student Martin Lauritzen Group  E-mail
van der Velden, Wijnand Jacobus CGuest researcher The Molpharm Laboratory  E-mail
von Lüttichau, Hans RudolfAssociate professor Thue W. Schwartz Group +45 353-27346E-mail
Vonboe, Sofie ØlandStudent   E-mail
Vuorenpää, Anne ElinaGuest researcher Molecular Neuropharmacology Group  E-mail
Walmod, Peter SchledermannGuest researcher Neural Plasticity Laboratory  E-mail
Wegrecki, Marcin LukaszPostdoc Søren Rasmussen Group  E-mail
Willerslev-Olsen, MariaGuest researcher Motor Control Lab  E-mail
Willumsen, AlexResearch assistant Per Roland Group  E-mail
Woldbye, David Paul DruckerAssociate professor Neuroanatomy and Animal Behaviour Group +45 40 15 63 89E-mail
Yamaguchi, TomofumiGuest researcher Motor Control Laboratory  E-mail
Zabell, Bjørn FrederikStudent Motor Control Lab  E-mail
Zambach, Stefan AndreasPhD student Martin Lauritzen Group +45 27 99 88 17E-mail
Zarnani, KiyanaPhD student Martin Lauritzen Group  E-mail
Zhang, MengliangGuest researcher spinal cord injury, exercise and neuroplasticity +46760346433E-mail
Ziomkiewicz, IwonaGuest researcher Neurosecretion Group  E-mail
Özden, Maria FatmaAcademic Officer Martin Lauritzen Group  E-mail
Ørnbo, Eva KjerResearch assistant Nanna MacAuley group  E-mail